Eric Anders + Mark O’Bitz – “Morton’s Pillory Plea”


Impressing earlier this year with the track “Careful Now My Son,” the duo of Eric Anders + Mark O’Bitz continue to produce “music in the time of coronavirus,” this time with their new album Stuck Inside. “Careful Now My Son” marked the duo’s first entry in this theme, followed by February’s album Sirens Go By, and now continued tastefully with Stuck Inside, their third installment. Per the project, the lyrics deal with the pandemic’s impact on society as a whole, and especially the more rampant emergence of “narcissism, commodity fetishism, fundamentalisms, and the simplistic right-wing ideologies that grow out of all of these.”

Opener “Morton’s Pillory Plea” evolves into a soaring psych-tinged rocker, whose chorus exudes a timeless weariness reminiscent of Neil Young. The lusher, swaying verses echo a more contemplative allure. “And I know these heathens have more truth,” potentially remarks on the temptations offered by tyrants, threatened by freedom and democracy. “Morton’s Pillory Plea” is enjoyably representative of what’s forthcoming on the album, delivering a rock-forward sound that mixes lyrically contemplative verses with rousing choruses, akin to Neil Young’s album Living with War.

Stream the album in full, below:

“Morton’s Pillory Plea” and other memorable tracks from November can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of November 2021’ Spotify playlist.

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