Live Michael Jackson Tribute Concert at Mount Airy Casino PA Coming 2022!

Mount Airy Casino located in the Keystone state has never been exhausted to attract visitors with the steeping music programs! The beginning of 2022—January 22—would be marked with a mind-blowing event—Live Michael Jackson Tribute Concert!

A spectacular show of superbly performed songs from the King of Pop is more than just a show. This is a bright and professional show ballet on stage, live sound and melodic backing vocals! This is a spectacular recreation of the show of Michael Jackson himself, who departed in 2009.

Cast a glance at this article and see all the details about the upcoming event! Believe, you will be amazed all over the ears! 

As you surely know, both brick and mortar and online gambling in PA is legit as the source mentions, so it gives all chances to enjoy the marvelous performance dedicated to the music icon of Michael Jackson!

Some Details

The Live Michael Jackson Tribute Concert is not a cover show or an attempt to imitate. This is a tribute to the great singer who left the stage 10 years ago. Light, sound, costumes, choreography and, of course, favorite hits will make the audience believe that time itself has turned back, and the pop king himself is performing in PA.

Don’t miss this one chance to see the King of Pop on stage again! Live Michael Jackson Tribute Concert straight from Las Vegas is a spectacular performance, carefully and authentically recreated by the inimitable dancer and singer, vocalist Jalles Franca.

The performance is scheduled for January 22, 2022, and it will feature one of Jackson’s most famous tributers, Jalles Franca! Yes, it was him who won the nomination of “Best Michael Jackson Impersonator”! 

Jalles Franca and his show dedicated to the music by Michael Jackson is a top-notch event for the whole of Pennsylvania, and it is impossible not to attend it!

The fame of the show by Franca is limitless, as he has already gained much popularity in ??Las Vegas, Hollywood, Dubai and many other cities of the world.

You will hear the hits of the great creator, artist and musician, enjoy a real show of sound and movement. At the concert, fans of Michael Jackson will be able to again hear his genius hits performed by Jalles Franca. 

And of course, what about Jackson without dancing! The video broadcast is entirely dedicated to the idol. But there are also surprises: unexpected remixes, modern arrangements. This is a dedication show in which the team puts all their energy and passion.

Jalles Franca’s Inspiration

Franca states that Michael Jackson’s tribute at the Mount Airy Casino is not just a regular occasion but a legendary reminder of how grandiose the singer was. His style was extravagant, but so recognizable, became iconic, is copied by designers and stars to this day. His image is revolutionary, provocative and, without a doubt, one of the most recognizable in the world.

Unlike many pop and rock stars, Michael Jackson was an amazing philanthropist—he took care of preserving the ecological state of our planet and allocated huge funds for charity. 

In his work, ballads sounded not only on the theme of ‘sex and rock and roll’, as is usually accepted by the laws of the genre, but also on equality between people, on humane treatment of animals, on tolerance, on mutual assistance and family values.

The artist and pop star had known each other during the life of Michael Jackson and Jalles Franca dubbed the artist several times. 

The very close resemblance to the original is the fundamental difference between Jalles Franca’s concert from other tributes. And we are talking not only about external, but also about vocal data. 

And what can we say about costumes and dance shows!

Jalles Franca is a famous Spanish artist, impersonator of the legendary and beloved Michael Jackson. This is the only official double of the legendary artist who worked with the legend! 

This is an absolute fact: Jalles Franca and Michael were acquainted during the life of the legendary artist, and Jalles Franca himself often acted as a backup to the king of the pop scene.

The show by Jalles Franca is radically different from all alternative tribute shows to the king of the pop scene, thanks to the completely identical appearance of the artist, as well as the unique similarity of voice, which will undoubtedly cause real “goosebumps” even the most discerning viewer, let alone choreographed , costumes, and of course live sound.

You will literally plunge headlong into a real ‘Jackson’ atmosphere. Identical appearance, identical live voice, original costumes—complete immersion in the world of the legendary Michael Jackson.

See for yourself and immerse yourself in the world of the immortal legend, and we guarantee you a stunning atmosphere of the unique tribute show of the legendary Michael Jackson.

The artist visited the best stages of the whole world with this program, from Las Vegas to Berlin, inviting family members and friends of the legendary artist to his show. 

The exceptional cast of participants in the show, wishing to express gratitude and dedication to the great artist, allows you to fully recreate the vibrant theatricality and depth of Jackson’s performances.

Details on Live Michael Jackson Tribute Concert

Before you purchase tickets (by the way, their number is now pretty limited, already) for Live Michael Jackson Tribute Concert, you are supposed to keep in mind some important details:

  • The address of the location is 312 Woodland Rd, Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania 18344
  • Event is for all ages
  • To buy alcohol you’re to be at least 21 years old.

 You can buy a ticket to the event without leaving your computer!

  • Choose a place on the hall scheme or choose the number of entrance tickets to the fan zone
  • Click the “Place an order” button
  • Enter name, e-mail address, telephone number
  • Choose the method of payment and delivery
  • Enter your bank card details and complete the order.

The amount for tickets will be deducted automatically, and the ticket will arrive in the mail in 1–2 minutes. Your task is to print out (optional) a ticket or show it on the phone screen before entering the hall.


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