When Violin Goes Visual

Something super exciting is happening for the violin, visually speaking. And we’re not talking about its elegant shape and design. The electric violin is wowing audiences the world over as talented electronic violinist  Asher Laub is displaying his dexterity in bold and exciting ways.

It’s no longer enough for a violinist to have a solo at an orchestral concert in a fancy city hall to steal some of the limelight for an instrument that is over 500 years old. Asher Laub is tearing down the walls of what has previously been defined as musical appreciation and carrying the violin on his collarbone while breakdancing to his own beat. 

You can find the best electric violinist around at weddings or any holiday party entertainment where the crowd is keen for something more. Asher understands that for intense violin music to be truly appreciated, it has to be seen as well as heard. And that’s the gamechanger. 

Asher Laub is bringing the electric violin into the ’20s with a visual performance that matches and accentuates the fine finger movements and compelling violin sound. DJs and dueling violinists battle it out while choreographed dance shows dazzle at the same time, reaching fever pitch. The electric violin is an emotive instrument – it makes perfect sense that an artist such as Asher is daring to bend the genre beyond its conventional bow-tied aesthetic. 

The Violin’s History

Andrea Amati is credited as the founding father of violin luthiers (someone who makes violins). With its figure-of-eight shape resembling a renaissance fiddle, Amati’s original design was considered so masterful that the violin’s design has hardly changed over the centuries.

Though it is one of Amati’s contemporaries, Antonio Stradivari, who is considered to have perfected the art of violin making. His eponymous Stradivarius is widely renowned in music circles. If you have an old violin gathering dust in your attic, it could be worth as much as $20 million!

“You can buy an expensive violin, but you can’t buy 10 years of practice”, writes Neeraj Agnihotri in ‘Procrasdemon – The Artist’s Guide to Liberation From Procrastination’. Asher Laub learned to play the violin when he learned to walk at age 2 – so it’s perhaps appropriate that he mixes up his nimble stroke play with his own fleet-footed dance moves. He’s damn good at both. The consummate definition of a performing artist. 

The Violin’s Future

Lighting up his electric violin with blue LED lights was an early innovation of Asher Laub’s as a way to draw attention to his craft. The guy was performing in philharmonic concert halls from age 14, so no doubt seeking new ways to connect with audiences and show them what he was capable of was an appetite he acquired from a young age.

In the same way that DJs nowadays will stream a live feed of their turntables to show off their mixing skills on the 1s and 2s, Asher Laub sought out new ways to truly celebrate beautiful violin music.

He’s done it on social media on his Instagram account where snippets of his live gigs are interspersed with behind-the-scenes tidbits of what goes into making a breakout single like Dreaming Awake

It’s earnest and awesome that a musician with such a big heart is prepared to show us what he does. It’s not so much a magician revealing his tricks, as an artist expounding upon his craft. It’s all part of the same show. The violin is going visual. We get to see what he means. 

For the future of music to stay fresh and not simply be drowned out by beatmatching sync buttons and autotune effects, there’s word-of-mouth wizardry that happens when musical stories like Asher Laub’s are shared.

Somewhere on the internet, there’s a young girl searching for a romantic violin music mp3 download and being inspired by the violin. Somewhere on the internet, someone is looking for something special for their wedding or birthday celebration. Something like an electric violinist for hire.

Should either of these people be lucky to stumble upon Asher Laub and his electric violin artistry, they are sure to be inspired to either pick up the violin themselves – or want to hear him play. 

Live Violin Concerts

2022 looks set to be a year when social gatherings make a big comeback. We are all strengthened by community, and there is nothing better than getting on a dancefloor with a few generations and dancing to electrifying music that helps shock all the accumulated stress out of our system. 

Asher and his team are doing all they can to play their part in live music performances that showcase how music can play such an integral role in healing our trauma – and getting our groove on! They say that if music if life, then the violin is its soul.

Watching Asher Laub perform as a wedding electric violinist is a privilege and a pleasure. His soul shines through in all that he does.  Having him play the electric violin at your corporate gig will transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

EDM beats are the bed for his electric violin sound, while hip hop sounds reverberate through the speakers as he and his team of breakdancers perform in neon-clad outfits in a musical collaboration that will surely be remembered.

Asher Laub ~ Electric Violinist Available For Hire 

Hungry for success, and desperate to share his electric violin sound and passion with the world, Asher Laub is willing to go to the ends of the earth to help his audience visualize what the violin can do. He’s just dropped his latest single, Dreaming Awake, which you can listen to if you want to get a sense of the vanguard where Asher is taking his electric violin. There’s a cutting edge that he’s occupying that doesn’t begin to compare with his contemporaries.

If you’re a lover of classical music or a fan of modern pop; if you know your hip hop beats from your EDM classics; if you have an upcoming occasion or the chance to see Asher Laub perform the electric violin live, the onus is on you to visualize the violin’s feature – and then dance merrily along. 


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