Must Have Songs in Your Casino Playlist

Unwinding after a busy day of hustling comes in many different guises. One of the most popular these days is playing games online, especially casino games. A few hands of poker, a few rounds of roulette, or a few spins on a favourite slot can all help to ease into the evening after a long day at work. Our only gripe with the games at online casino gaming websites is their sounds. Some people may enjoy the bells and whistles and ‘circus’ sounds, but we prefer our evenings to have a more musical soundtrack. That’s why when we play games, we turn off the sounds and turn on our favourite casino playlist.

The Magic of a Great Playlist 

Nothing beats a great playlist to get you feeling pumped and ready to play, and sites that can accommodate that include On the flipside, nothing beats a good playlist to help you feel calm and soothed during a stressful situation, and we all know that there are moments of high-level stress during a game of high-stakes poker. Whatever mood you’re looking to achieve, a great playlist can help you get there. If you haven’t made yourself a casino playlist, today is the day to get the job done. We’ve put together a list of songs that we consider to be non-negotiable additions to any great casino playlist. Hopefully, this list will get you started off on the right note, and you’ll go on to add more of your own favourites.  

Upbeat Classics

Let’s start with songs that were written about gambling. These are the songs that you play to get you in the mood for gameplay, or to help ease your worried mind if you’ve hit a losing streak and need to take a break.  Our fist must have song on your playlist is Gamblin’ Man by Lonnie Donegan; an upbeat doozie of a track from 1957 that was number one in the UK for two weeks and had a huge influence on a young Jimmy Page. Next up is Luck Be A Lady by Frank Sinatra -obviously. And you can follow that with Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley. All three of these foot stomping songs will lift your spirits and get you itching to start rolling the dice and spinning the reels.


Lady Gaga’s Poker Face is on everyone’s casino playlist, and so it should be. It’s not actually about gambling, but who cares? There are enough gambling references to make it worthy of a casino playlist, and it will pick you up just at the moment where you might be starting to flag. Take the opportunity to get up out of your chair and have a boogie break. Prefer a rock and roll pick-me-up to a dance track? Ace of Spades by Motorhead will do the job nicely. Too much? You could always choose the bluegrass-style version of this song and go with Ace of Spades by Hayseed Dixie. How about we meet half-way with Casino Boogie by the Rolling Stones? 


The secret to poker is knowing when to walk away, so if you’ve hit a losing streak, walk away in style with The Gambler by Kenny Rodgers. Or let Bob Dylan guide the way with Rambling, Gambling Willie. St John The Gambler by Townes van Zandt is a mellow track that will help you wind down after a session, and it will ease your pain while you lick your wounds. Black Queen by Stephen Stills could come in quite nicely just here. And what kind of wind down playlist wouldn’t feature The Boss? Certainly not ours. Add Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen and let yourself wallow in good company.

More to Add

We’ve started you off with a beginning, middle, and end, but there are plenty of tracks left that you could sprinkle on your playlist anywhere you like. Check these out:

  • The Angel and The Gambler by Iron Maiden
  • Deal by Jerry Garcia
  • Easy Money by Billy Joel
  • The Card Cheat by The Clash
  • That Was a Crazy Game Of Poker by O.A.R
  • Good Run of Bad Luck by Clint Black
  • Still The Same by Bob Seger


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