Three of the Best 90s Hip Hop albums

The hip-hop storytellers of the 90s were and will always be among the greatest to touch the microphone. Visionaries took the art from its infancy and gave it the attention it needed on the global stage. This era paved the way to the current success of the genre. A regiment of die-hard hip-hop fans still adore the golden era of 90s hip-hop. Here are three of the best 90s hip hop albums.

‘All Eyes on Me’ (1996) — 2Pac

2Pac is undoubtedly one of the best rappers to rock the world. This visceral album contained 27 tracks. It goes down as a classic which followed its predecessor ‘Me Against the World’, which catapulted his hip-hop career. This time, it is not him against the whole world, 2Pac joins Death Row and Interscope to produce a timeless masterpiece.

‘2001’ (1999) — Dr. Dre

Also known as The Chronic, it goes down without a doubt as one of the best pieces from hip-hop protégé Dr. Dre. The album painted a different side of Dr. Dre in the production sense with emphasis on the G-Funk style. It is full of certified classic records. One of the most successful singles to come off the album was ‘Still Dre’ featuring Snoop Dogg, and it remains a banger.

‘Illmatic’ (1994) — Nas

Illmatic remains an instant classic and game-changer. Nas hand crafted this album with his storytelling ability, well-chosen instrumentals and overall production quality. In fact, only ten tracks make the album, however they are all up to Nas’ high standards. Bumping this album is sure to get you hyped, just like playing some platincasino online slots uk.


Even though times have changed, we cannot forget the 90s era and its impact on hip-hop. Some of the best artists in hip-hop came from stem from this era. 2Pac, Nas and Dr. Dre deserve a seat at the greatest-of-all-time table for their ground-breaking albums. Moreover, the 90’s produced numerous other great hip-hop albums including The Score and Life After Death which both deserve an honorable mention.


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