Two Faced Versions: Is This The Greatest Keys Album?

The fact of the matter is that Alicia Keys has created an album that’s full of versatility. Her eighth studio album is nothing short of pure talent. It remains true to her classical vocals and instrumentals with a modern and eclectic style. This is arguably one of the best albums that she has delivered after a while. In addition, it proves that she is a skillful musician. 

There is nothing needed to convince you that she indeed delivers on the lovely ballads and extraordinary piano that she is known for. You just have to look at what the fans are saying and the Billboard chart to know that she has created a masterpiece. Keep on reading to learn more about what’s in store in this much anticipated double album. 

Originals Review 

Do you remember when Alicia Keys sashayed with a piano in the music industry? You won’t believe that this was 20 years ago. Now, the 40-year-old songstress has decided to take her fans back into a moment when she sang about love, and you felt her pain. When you listen to the first installment of this packed self-titled album, you’ll want to go back to a life that you once lived. Not only has Keys stayed true to her original sounds, but she has managed to fuse sounds that make you think of the likes of Anita Baker and Sade. 

One of the highlights from this side of the album is Old Memories. It has also become a fan favorite. The entire album has sparked such Tweets from her fans:

“I am here to say that Alicia Keys’ new album is very good and deserves better promo. I’ve had it on repeat for the past week.” @deasia_paige

“New Alicia Keys album is smooth” @SiyaBeyile

This particular Old Memories song is what modern-day jazzy ballads are made of. It gives you a perfect balance of her piano skills and her melodic lullaby vocals with a twist of delicate electronics. There are more songs that you can find in this part of the album that will tug at your heartstrings while making you fall in love with Alicia Keys the musician all over again. If Songs In A Minor was a firm favorite of yours, then this installment of this double album is exactly what you need to listen to. 

Unlocked Review

On the other hand, it’s common for you to imagine how your favorite artist would sound if he or she tapped into a different genre. The great thing about Keys is that she has done a bit of everything in her long-term musical career. Although the second part of the Keys album can come as a shock to many, if you’ve been a fan for a while it won’t be too surprising. Unlocked features dance beats with some hip-hop feel to it. This is when you realize that two halves truly make a whole. 

If you ever wanted to find out about Keys’ strengths in other genres, then you should listen to this part of the album. 

She has shown that she is always willing to extend herself beyond what her fans expect. This slightly refurbished sound is what is needed to make the entire double album to appeal to her fans and potential ones. Unsurprisingly, the hip-hop beats that you hear in this part of the project have always been there. She has always combined them with her much stronger piano chops. The exploration of Unlocked is what you can consider to be top-notch from this renowned songstress. 

How to Create a Double Album 

Creating an extraordinary album like the one that Alicia has managed to put out takes a lot of growth and knowing what to do. This is why knowing these simple tips can help you. 

  • You should write consistently. Even if you find yourself writing one word.
  • Don’t bash any ideas before you try them out. Creating two albums that are so different from each other takes a lot of work.
  • Don’t scrape any songs. If they sound similar, you can always use them as remixes like how Alicia Keys did. 
  • Use different instruments to write your songs on. This is how you can also discover another genre that you’re good in.
  • Collaborate with other artists. Think of how Keys made a song that’s topping the charts with Swae Lee. Explore different ideas when you work with other artists.


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