Best Music from Casino Movies

Hollywood has a historical love affair with casinos. There is no scarcity of blockbusters that center around a visit to a massive casino. These popular culture depictions have unquestionably contributed to the success and popularity of 5 dollar deposit casinos.

One component of a terrific movie we often forget is the soundtrack. No blockbuster would be complete without a moving and catchy soundtrack, just as many games are available at casino ohne 5 sekunden regel. Movies centered around gambling are no different, with all of the fan favorites boasting an instantly recognizable soundtrack. 

Within this article, we are going to focus on some of the best soundtracks that have ever accompanied a casino centered-movie. 

You Know My Name – Casino Royale

Casino Royale is a James Bond film which has been etched into movie folklore. It was the first installment of the legendary film series where 007 was played by Daniel Craig, arguably one of the best James Bonds in the history of the series. The film was breathtaking, with many still adamant that it was Daniel Craig’s best depiction of the secret agent.

Along with being a great movie, it also boasted a sublime soundtrack. Being chosen to provide the soundtrack for a James Bond movie is a huge honor, much like winning at FIFA World Cup Betting, and in 2006 it fell to Chris Cornell with his song ‘You Know My Name’. It was the perfect accompaniment for the movie, with the fast tempo and emotional delivery perfectly complimenting the nature of Bond’s exploits within Casino Royale. It remains an evocative piece that has stood the test of time. 

Rodney Yates – Ocean’s Eleven

If there was a casino movie Hall of Fame, then Ocean’s Eleven would surely have to be the first inductee. Boasting a star-studded cast that would make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, it remains a cult classic for many people around the world. Although there were several additional installments of the series, it’s generally agreed that the heights of this movie were never quite scaled again. 

Once again, this is another casino movie where the soundtrack helps to bring the viewer along for the ride. Rodney Yates, a piece written by David Holmes, sets perfectly the scene for the nature of the movie. It conveys the themes of thievery and deception that are self-evident throughout the duration of the movie. 

Joker and the Thief – The Hangover

The Hangover has to be one of the most universally adored comedy movies of the 21st century. The idea where a group of idiots descends upon Las Vegas for a weekend is certainly not the first of its kind, but there have been few deliveries of the idea as effective as The Hangover. With a brief cameo from boxing legend Mike Tyson, the movie had viewers laughing from the opening credits to the closing scene.

Like any movie set in Sin City, the Hangover crew made a visit to a casino. When Zak Galifianakis’ character sets himself up at the Blackjack table to do some card counting, the soundtrack certainly doesn’t disappoint. Joker and the Thief is an instantly recognizable rock classic that perfectly conveys the feeling of the characters in the movie. After a crazy night in the city, Zak is about to win big money on the Blackjack table, an exciting turn of events for anybody. 

This is unquestionably another great movie that benefited immensely from a great soundtrack selection. 

I Ain’t Superstitious – Casino 

Directed by Martin Scorsese, Casino stands out as one of truly all-time great true-crime movies. It follows the difficulties that Robert De Niro faces in running a large casino during this era. It has received a universally positive critical appraisal and was also a big hit at the box office. 

I Ain’t Superstitious is a perfectly ironic choice for a casino movie soundtrack. For many, casino games are all about luck, and superstitions may also come into the equation. The classic song captures the feeling of the patrons and the owners of the casino alike. 


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