Premiere: Whitten and Williams – “Lie to Me”


Releasing today, “Lie to Me” is a stirring new track from Berlin-based producer Whitten and, in collaboration with the lyricist Williams. The collaborative project previously impressed with the track “how to make a mirror,” exuding orchestral-friendly vibrancy.

“Lie to Me” counteracts folk-forward intimacy with soaring pop-friendly vocal reverberations. Vocal enthusiasm and reflective guitars join clap-laden percussion for a resonating feeling. The title-referencing vocal addition adds to the melodically consuming appeal The entrancing production and mixing is by Brit Award winner Charlie Andrew (alt-j, Marika Hackman, London Grammar). The release is also Whitten And’s second on Charlie’s label, Square Leg Recordings.

“I’m so incredibly excited to be working on this,” Charlie says. We met when he played dulcimer on alt-j’s album RELAXER and it’s great that he is now writing his own amazing stuff. The fact that he is collaborating with all different sorts of lyricists means the project has infinite inspiring collaborative possibilities, which I love.”

Whitten says of the song:

“Is there anyone left at this point who doesn’t, on some level, want to be Rosalía? Musically this is a love letter. Poorly spelled in enthusiastic crayon but sincerely felt. It’s the most minimal song of this project, with nothing but a ukulele, clapping and a synth drone to accompany the singing.”

Williams says of the poem:

“This concept of the poem is someone struggling with something unspoken, and every line could be them speaking to their partner or a future version of themself or vice-a-versa. Our struggles in life can vary so greatly and sometimes they may eat us up inside so much that we beg our loved ones and ourselves to only tell us what we think we want to hear. However, I believe as humans our internal pangs, twangs, wants and needs are often so similar that they can resonate with and echo each other almost perfectly.”

This track and others featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of February 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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