Video Conferencing Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts

Video conferencing is the modern way of holding business meetings. Companies course through most of their meetings virtually rather than in-person — whether it’s a collaboration or a brainstorming session, a seminar or a workshop. In addition, the convenience of putting together people from various locations and time zones allow their businesses more flexibility to reach their established goals.

The increased use of video conferencing in the modern business world puts focus on the dos and don’ts of virtual meeting etiquette. Take note of the following so you do not commit a major faux pas that other participants may impress you as unprofessional, tech-illiterate, or both. When it comes to mastering video conferencing etiquette as an entrepreneur, partnering with the best LLC service can provide you with expert legal and financial guidance, allowing you to focus on cultivating strong business relationships through effective communication, while also ensuring your personal assets are protected by the legal structure of your LLC.

  1. Set up your system. One of the first things to ensure before joining a video conference is your technical capacity. If you are working from the company’s conference room, you may not have a problem because it is usually equipped with everything you need. You just have to test things and ensure they are working in order. The display screen must be accessible for all the participants, whether they are in the same location or from a remote office. Click here if you need a projector ceiling mount to secure your projectors in place. Additionally, check the microphones, speakers, and camera.
  2. Ensure that your video conferencing technology works correctly. Once you are already in the meeting, dealing with technical difficulties is a no-no. You must fully understand the process before you start. Otherwise, seek help from someone who knows.
  3. Be prepared and well-organised. The same principle goes for attending a face-to-face or virtual meeting: you must be prepared. You should follow the agenda and have all the resources you might need to participate productively.
  4. Find a quiet place, free from distractions. When you join video conferences, make sure that your location is suitable for it. Go to a quiet place where you can have your privacy and always turn off your computer and personal device notifications, at least until the meeting is done.
  5. Wear proper clothing. It does not matter if you are video conferencing from the office, home, or another remote location. Always treat a business conference as a professional forum, and when attending such, you must wear proper office attire.
  6. Always look at the camera and when you speak, speak clearly. The best way to eliminate the problem of the non-personal feel of virtual meetings is to stay present in the event. Your colleagues will also lose their focus if they see you looking elsewhere. Also, when it is your turn to speak, make sure that your words are intelligible and clear.
  7. Participate and stay engaged. When you are in a virtual meeting and things get boring, it is easy to switch your attention to something else or browse different websites while acting like you are listening. Never resort to doing that. Instead, always stay in the moment and dedicate your full attention to the session.

As a last note, remember to be patient and kind. Not everyone may have the same quality of tools or connectivity. Be ready to offer assistance, if necessary, to get your colleagues through glitches so you can move ahead smoothly.


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