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First catching our ears last year with the track “Will He Ride (My Bike),” Grimson returns with further majestic captivation with the single “Household.” Lush chamber-pop and pulsing infectiousness contrast with enjoyably capricious qualities, driving to the lavish “do you know the feeling I’m describing?” sequence. The section emits a fun vibrancy amidst luxurious strings, driving to plucky string adornments with suave vocal affections, reminiscent of Andrew Bird. The “as of right now, I am stuck in the shackles,” progression touts a captivating sense of anxiety, driving thereafter to a chorus that soars with melodic grandiosity. Echoing some Harry Nilsson and Sgt. Pepper’s, “Household” is another winner from Grimson.

The Swedish/American artist elaborates further on the track, below:

“‘Household’ is an imagined desperate teenage domestic jailbreak.

The song was inspired by two of my close female friends who were heavily constrained and controlled by their domineering parents. The opening line “When I get out of this house, I will be my own,” refers to the captivity I witnessed. I try to give my friends a fighting chance in the final chorus of this imagined escape, singing “I can’t take my eyes off the horizon, ’cause I will be the first one off this island.” Sadly they don’t really succeed.

There is also something painfully personal about this track, so much so that when I first played this song in front of my family, my brother lashed out at him for insulting them personally.

I tried to take a page from Sergeant Pepper’s playbook, ‘Household’ morphs from section to section, sliding from hopeless ballad into a snake boots rock saunter, while attempting to retain sincerity, and what make my music my own. I borrowed far and wide for this, emulating George Martin’s string arrangements alongside a Dr. Dre-esque shuffle. The journey climaxes in a dramatic explosion akin to something off OK Computer, only to limp back to a Harry Nilsson croon at the very end.

While this track was originally arranged for my college psych-rock band, I reworked it in an attempt to deliver a clearer, more intimate view of Grimson’s personal and aesthetic direction. And I’m very proud of my string arrangement.”

This track and others featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of March 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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