How to Promote an Artist and Their Music

In this article, we would like to share working tools that should be used to promote artists. This approach will allow you to promote music of any genre.

We can say that this is a set of working promotion mechanics from the experience of musicians that will help promote both a specific release and the artist as a whole, whether they are performing in a studio or for a casino like THABET. If you have anything else to share or challenge our methods, please let us know your opinions.

You can use the tools in the complex and it will give more results. Or you can use one of the tools that will give you listens and subscribers.

Social media

Social media accounts of musicians should be ideally designed to attract an audience. At a minimum, you need to post a few photos and fill in a description about the artist: what kind of music is released, what tracks are already available and which ones will be released soon. You need to have a dialog and stir up interest in your music. No one will do it except you.

It is advisable to use keywords and tell who your music is for and what style it is. This can be done both in posts and in the description of the community. This can attract additional visits from search networks.

Do not be afraid to buy Instagram followers at the beginning of your career because you need the fastest possible start. This is one of the best ways to get a starting audience because it’s fast and cheap.

It is advisable to have several social networks, media accounts. You can work with Twitter and Soundcloud, TikTok, Youtube and Instagram Reels.

The main thing is that you have enough time to regularly maintain the site. It’s better to focus on one if you don’t have time for everything. For instance, if you are on Spotify then try to use the Spotify promotion service to get more reach.

If you follow our advice and buy real Instagram followers to monetize your activity faster, then you can consider this option for other social networks. This can help you gain fame.

Social networks are where users will come (via links) to streaming services and bring listens to your music. The place where you post announcements of your releases. A place where your audience will accumulate and give new listening to releases at the start in the future. Social networking is a must.

Music promotion on Soundcloud 

Soundcloud is a music listening service as well as a social network. You can upload your work there directly or simply repost from the label’s page to your profile.

Here are a few tools to score auditions there.

Massfollowing (free)

Just subscribe to followers of artists similar to you. Part of the audience, having seen your subscription, will subscribe in response. The audience is quite friendly and involved. After the arrival of new people, plays and likes usually grow.

Reposts (paid)

The bottom line is that your music is reposted by an account that has an audience. You can choose an account according to the style and order a paid repost, for example, here.

Reposts to accounts with an audience give a good boost in listens and subscribers.

Soundcloud can also redirect the audience to either a music store or Spotify. Such links organically look under the track.


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