Okami Three – “Blue”


“Blue” is a memorable track from New York-based trio Okami Three, showcasing their idiosyncratic blending of psychedelia and rock. Lyrically exploring the pain of losing someone, “Blue” escalates from plucky guitars into a steady rhythm section and intriguing vocal layering. The vocals develop gradually with accompanying layers, bolstered cohesively by melodic guitar distortion just prior to the one-minute mark. Verses reflecting “turning blue,” upon a relationship’s demise find a sort of catharsis in the rising guitars, especially upon the soaring “I had a dream,” refrain, which closes the track with lingering resonance. “Blue” is a convincing success from Okami Three, reminding fondly of The Go-Betweens.

“We wrote “Blue” last year during the whole lock-down period,” the band says. “While it wasn’t the sole inspiration for the song, the pandemic certainly contributed to the sense of loss we had at that time. We were all coping with the dissolution of relationships at the time and with the advent of social distancing and thousands of people dying everyday, it made it that much harder to summon any sense of optimism or positivity.”

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