Silent Cure – ‘An Electronic Jazz Punk Passage Through Dreams’

Photo Credit: Alexandra Emborg

Copenhagen-based electronic artist Silent Cure struts stylish allure throughout their 12-track debut, An Electronic Jazz Punk Passage Through Dreams. Although electronic is the first genre listed in the title, the album provides a truly eclectic listening experience — spanning pop, jazz, rock, punk, and more. These diverse pursuits are accomplished with melodic charm in mind, treading beyond purely aesthetic endeavors.

As dreams are mentioned in the album title, a track like “So Annoyed” fits aptly. Dreamy vocals and a serene backing organ are joined by trickling guitars, as the vocals note “you seem annoyed by my face,” and other attributes. The lyrical discontent contrasts enjoyably with laid-back guitars and organs, resulting in a thoroughly consuming track with an enchanting feeling. In a different tonal spectrum, “Cyber-Punks Not Dead” conjures a nocturnal glow with its rhythmic pulsing, pursuing a dark industrial direction with a Burial-like dubstep allure. The panting vocal samples add further to the mystique. Other standouts include the melodic “Settimana A Diano Marina,” which shows an Italo-disco appeal, and the spacious “Symphony Octobre,” touting shades of Massive Attack.

Stream the album below:

“So Annoyed” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of March 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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