Land-Based vs Online Casinos: Where Odds Are Better?

To find out the best $5 minimum deposit casinos in Canada, you can check out Before deciding on an online casino to play, you can examine the odds and other key parameters like the house edge, user interface, range of casino games, banking methods, and security details.

Many online casinos run with similar odds compared to brick-and-mortar casinos. Comparing odds in land-based casinos to virtual casino gambling sites would help players get the best out of the money they spend while betting on each. This post provides better clarity on the discussion.

The Difference Between “House Edge” and “Game Odds”

Many terms are synonymous with casinos, but none more than the “House Edge”. Ever heard the phrase – ‘the casino always wins!’? The House Edge played a big role in the origins of this famous casino phrase.

The House Edge refers to a casino’s advantage over its players and is expressed as a percentage. The House Edge is the percentage of a player’s wager or bets in a casino game that the house or casino claims as their profit. Read more about gambling: a source of entertainment or a path to ruin.

That is why the saying ‘the casino always wins!’ holds because whether you win a round of casino gaming, the house will keep a percentage of your bet. The house edge may seem minute in the short term, but it all adds up over a stretch of time. Every casino gambling game offers its own built-in House Edge.

A typical example of a House Edge in action is in a game of European Roulette where the roulette wheel offers up 37 pockets, but you can only get one right pocket. In other words, you have one chance of winning and 36 different ways of losing.

But while the probability of winning in Roulette is 1/36, the expected payout for a win is set at 35 to 1 and not 36:1. It is so because the roulette wheel has a one-zero pocket, which gives the house advantage over the player.

On the other hand, the “Game Odds” refers to the probability of an event happening compared to the likelihood of that same event not happening. A typical example of Game Odds is where you play a dice game with six-sided dice.

You can only win when the dice land on your chosen number, which is on one-side out of the six sides. So your odds of winning is 1/5 because you have just a single way to win, while on the other hand, the number of ways to lose is five in total. Learn more about casinos making a bet on Virtual Reality.

The Two Different Representations of Game Odds

There are two distinct Game Odds, and these are:

  • Fractional Odds: The Fractional Odds appear as a couple of digits separated into independent digits by the slash or divide symbol. For example, the dice game odds of 1/5.
  • Decimal Odds: Fractional odds can easily be converted to Decimal Odds. To get Decimal Odds, you simply divide your way(s) of winning by the different way(s) you can lose. Using the same example above with the Fractional Odds of 1/5, you have Decimal Odds of 0.2 (1 divided by 5).

Probability vs Odds

It is not uncommon to hear people use “probability” and “odds” interchangeably. However, both terms in casino gambling mean different things. The odds of winning a six-sided dice game is 1/5, but the probability of winning a six-sided dice game is 1/6.

The probability of winning simply refers to the number of winning ways divided by the total number of possible results or outcomes. Probability in casino gaming is expressed as a percentage. In this case, you have a probability percentage of 16.66% (1 divided by 6). On the other hand, the odds are the possible ways of winning divided by the possible ways of losing.

Games With a High and Low House Edge Percentage

The House Edge is measured as par for each casino gambling game. The House Edge for each game is also influenced by the wagers made and the playing rules. Some of the casino games with the lowest possible House Edge include the standard variations of Baccarat, Blackjack, and Craps.

Typically, the House Edge of regular Blackjack is just below 1%, while Craps comes with a House Edge ranging between 1.36 and 16.67 per cent. The House Edge of a standard Craps game ultimately depends on your wager. Also, some Craps wagers are paid by their real odds, and therefore there is no edge rate for the house or casino.

For a standard Baccarat game, you have a House Edge that can range from 1.06% to 14.36%, depending on the wager you place. The House Edge on a Tie bet is the highest at 14.36%, while the edge on a Banker bet is 1.06%. However, the casino will still receive a 5% commission for every win on a Banker bet.

You have games like Slots, Keno, and American Roulette for those casino games with much higher House Edge. You have a House Edge ranging from about 2% right up to 15% for slot machines. Keno games have a House Edge of between 25 and 29%, while American Roulette offers a stable House Edge of about 5.26%.

The Difference Between Brick-and-Mortar Odds and Online Casino Odds

Brick-and-mortar casinos have a whole lot of expenses to cater for. It would include running expenses, overheads, wages, security costs, etc. That is why many land-based casino games have low payouts with pretty high odds.

On the other hand, online casinos offer better payouts with even better odds because they more or less have fewer expenses to worry about. Virtual casinos offer slot machines with a much higher Return to Player or RTP than land-based casinos. In some cases, you can get up to an RTP above 99%.

Slot machines are the most commonly available casino games online, so punters seeking slot machines offering high RTPs can settle for video slots rather than land-based slot machines.

In Conclusion

While the age-old debate of which casinos (land-based or virtual casinos) offer the best odds may never stop, it is worth noting that virtual casinos offer a much higher return to the player.

But land-based casinos tend to provide many incentives and freebies to their patrons. These could be free food, drinks, and accommodation. It would make any player feel good about their experience at a brick-and-mortar casino. However, that does not negate that these land-based casinos offer miserable odds with pretty low payouts.


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