The Importance Of Selecting New Pianos Over Used Pianos

Playing the piano is the best and most enjoyable activity in life that everyone is admiring to do. The best sound that the piano produces always attracts the attention of many people hence making it the best and most admirable instrument. If someone just starts to play the piano it is tempting to buy one due to its attractive voice and beats. Before making a choice in buying a piano there are factors that should be considered in selecting the best and most durable piano. Those factors depend on whether someone needs to select the new or used one. It is much more important in selecting a new piano than the used one. The following are the reasons for selecting the new piano over the used one.

  • Offered Warranties 

A new piano is more likely to come with a warranty than the used one. This warranty helps to cover all the repairs to the piano if it happens to have a problem. The used piano does not have a warranty from the manufacturers which can cover it in case of any problem though it may have the dealer’s warranty which may not cover all the expenses in repairing it.

  • Control Over Maintenance

There is a low cost of maintaining new piano than the used piano. By buying the new piano, you will have complete control over the way the piano has been cared for. When buying used piano you won’t have control over the past maintenance that the piano has received. Just like new and used pianos in Northern California have differences in maintenance.

  • Better Performance

New pianos have better performance than used pianos. The new piano tends to be extremely well maintained and cared for. All the requirements of the good piano are well equipped and hence making it to have better performance than used piano which may have problems which can lower its performances.

  • Obtaining A Suitable Instrument

When buying new piano you will have a suitable instrument that will not lead to forced breaks in your practice hence improving your piano playing skills. Used piano may need high maintenance services especially if the previous owner did not take good care of it. This will cause some frustrations especially forced breaks during piano playing times.

  • Greater and quality sound

New pianos always have better sound quality. Most people are always attracted by the good sounds of the piano. You will always be motivated in playing the piano when it produces good and quality sound. Used pianos may lack quality sounds due to poor maintenance from the previous owner.

When purchasing a new piano you will always choose a piano that is perfect for you. This will make you have peace of mind while using it because it is your best choice. You will always be motivated in playing it any time you need. Used piano may not of the best choice for you.


New pianos are always the best since they provide peace of mind while using them. Used pianos may encourage many frustrations since they can lead to poor performance. For instance, new and used pianos in Northern California always differ in their performance but depend on the buyer on which one to select. 


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