Covet – ‘effloresce’


I was introduced to the band Covet by a punk rocker friend of mine. Picture him: septum ring, beanies, and — may I say — an impeccable taste in music. When he had sent me the Spotify link, immediately I was captivated by the album cover of this EP. Quite frankly, it’s a piece of art I would want illustrated on my forearm. The eagerness to click the green play button ignited right from the get-go, for this West Coast trio evokes both the ear and heart simultaneously. As a matter of fact, the founder of the band and guitarist Yvette Young designed the cover herself. The two-handed guitar style is in fact one of her many spectacular talents.

The floral essence reflects the band’s intimate math rock methodology. The instrumental technique constructed by the three musicians is wave-like and balanced. In effloresce, the production flare is quirky and substantial; the chemistry between Yvette Young (guitarist/ vocalist), David Adamiak (bassist), and Forrest Rice (drummer) evokes the magic, not by harping on individual flare, but focusing on the chemistry amongst the instruments, complementing one another in back and forth. Imagine a group of three free-spirited friends passing time in a garage, picking up their favorite instrument to jam. The modulating finger-picking and rhythmical composition appear effortless and balanced.

There is beauty in the unexpected, and Covet’s debut full-length record flourishes with their ability to surprise the listener numerous times. The dazzling and earthy finger-tapping and post rock instruction make for an earthy orgasmic sensation on the soul. It felt like taking a stroll through a starry constellation with no desired destination. The meandering bass line and swift drum movement by Adamiak and Rice flows beautifully with Young’s intricate staccato presented in their opening song “Shibuya (ft. Han Solo).” The blissfully done guitar solos that transpire into complex guitar riffs presented in “Glimmer,” played by Young, are nothing short of intricate and genius.

Forrest Rice and David Adamiak bestow an ideal foundation for Yvette to spread her wings, but the band truly flies in the math rock world together. The rock elements included in their music makes them distinctive and exciting all at once. Not to mention the word effloresce flows off the tongue so charismatically, much like that dear friend of mind that introduced me to such a work of art. Evoking my desire to listen to this album in the middle of the forest with someone like him, Covet’s music will do the same for you, this I guarantee.

Stream effloresce, below:

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