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Frances Baker – “Soulful Baby”

Whether you are listening to this song while the moonlight shines on your cheekbones, as you elegantly dance during midnight drinking Merlot, or maybe feeding raspberries and dark chocolate to that certain someone, this celesti...
Instrumental Rock

Covet – ‘effloresce’

I was introduced to the band Covet by a punk rocker friend of mine. Picture him: septum ring, beanies, and — may I say — an impeccable taste in music. When he had sent me the Spotify link, immediately I was captivat...


Ruto – ‘Pan Dulce’

Oscar A. Bautista, otherwise known as Ruto, radiates us with the sounds of South Central Los Angeles on his most recent album, Pan Dulce. Much like the sweet, varicolored Mexican delicacies, this California-based artist gives h...

Sara De Sanctis – “Fading”

Sara De Sanctis allures her audience not only with her exceptional piano playing, which she began at the blooming age of five, but also serenades us with euphonious vocals in her latest summer release, “Fading.” The harmonious ...


Welcome Strawberry – “No One Online”

Cyrus VandenBerghe is the brainchild of the indie/alternative music sensation Welcome Strawberry. The Oakland, California-based artist spent the year of 2021 assembling his solo project, channeling his sound, and surfing the in...