Sara De Sanctis – “Fading”


Sara De Sanctis allures her audience not only with her exceptional piano playing, which she began at the blooming age of five, but also serenades us with euphonious vocals in her latest summer release, “Fading.” The harmonious instrumentals, conducted by the Italian-born singer-songwriter, are captivating and set the notion for lyrical attributes that illustrate a person who has become fascinated in neglecting themselves, to the point their essence begins to fade, and eventually vanish. Sara De Sanctis touts emotional exhaustion through her lyrics, while simultaneously evoking power in the ability to listen to our hearts, understand our breaking points, and even graze our souls.

The airy aura of De Sanctis reminisces the audience to sensual sounds of Sade, with a sparkle of a FKA twigs’ enigmatic essence. The beautifully pained London-based artist performs an exquisite job of delivering a tortured heart and relatable experience in this phenomenon we call life. This young artist is on the rise; her passion emerges from the stirring songwriting and flowing instrumentation. Flourishing into her own worldly style alongside a foundation in classical music, De Sanctis’ fascination in conducting arose from influences like Hans Zimmer and Ennino Morricone. The singer/songwriter’s diverse synthesizing and use of reverb helped concoct her latest mesmerizing creation.

The track “Fading,” produced by Jacob Wright and mastered by Shawn Joseph, stimulates the listener with the noticeable implementation of crescendo throughout the track, which channels the pain of the artist as she communicates through music, her love language. Allow the words of Sara De Sanctis to echo and fade into you.

Photo Credit: Talie Eigeland

This track and others featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of June 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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