Top fun drinking games for parties!

These are some of my best party drink games you can enjoy and remember. Choices are varied. I like playing dice and playing cards. Some drink party games which are fun to enjoy and games that are just hilarious. You’ll certainly want to take a closer look at my top non UK casinos games list.

Top Fun Drinking Games Strip or Dare Beer Pong

Best for small to medium groups

Most good drinking games come in small groups. These can play with anywhere between 3 to 8 players if you have them. Generally, these games involve sitting at tables and playing together instead of in groups where you sit or play while socialising. Alternatively, you could just kick back with a bottle of gin and enjoy Minimum deposit casino, if you’re not particularly feeling like partying. 


Okay, this name may not seem as cute, but trust me. Finger games are easy and they get you drunk, but they have an interesting twist too. Let’s see how it works: you grab a red solo cup, everyone who plays the game pours whatever drank there and everyone else puts his fingers around the cup. All players will choose to either remove their fingers or put them on the bottom of the cup to determine the number of fingers remaining. The person guesses correctly but eats nothing. The last one should drink everything inside.

King’s Cup

The rules to a great card game for drinking are the same. Players stand in a table and drink with cards spiralling into it. Everybody is asked on the same turn how to draw a card so that the number on the card corresponding to different actions (the cards number eight on their back means mates, you choose who you drank with). After the Card is removed it is placed inside the mug lid. If the tab pops the first person drawing the first King Card will be finished.

EZ DRINKER Shot Spinning Roulette Game Set

The best drinking game always has an element that is risky and so this drinking glass roulette game from EZ DRINKER can be a fantastic option when it comes to increasing the stakes on your alcohol game. The tiny glasses surrounding the edges of a roulette wheel can contain various types of beverages and let the fate decide your drink. The possibilities for torturing a group are quite endless. Thanks to Amazon.

Never Have I Ever Drinking Card Game

When you’re young the game you’ve probably played comes home with card game formats which help you think out answers so you know your friends more quickly. The game contains rules that enhance the play of the round and games cards enticing the participant in admitting the worst decision of their lives. Bring a rule regarding alcohol such as having all of the participant’s drink. Gratitude from Amazon.

Drink-A-Palooza Drinking Board Games

The drinking game Drink-A-Palooza is a good game for anyone that likes drinking and playing board games with a friend or two. This game is intended merely because it allows for the combination of several other drinking games in one. You can move along the board getting spaces where the drinking game is located. Plus, with the possibility of 12 players, there’s plenty of fun. Thanks to Amazon.

Drunk, Stoned or Stupid Drinking Card Game

Implacable. Advocates. Make logical decisions. This game is called Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid. 500 cards are used by people to determine which group of your friends is most likely to perform certain actions. After drawing the cards, the group must choose who best fits the description and let accusations flow. Technically speaking, it even functions more like drinking cards. Amazon.

Three men

Three men have 2 dice and 3 participants. Each player rolls a number of dice until they have a three roll and this character is named three Man. Each player rolls the dice for a number of turns and each number determines the same thing for the game of Three Man. This set of dice for RERIVER is supplied with felt dice cans which makes playing the game easier. Amazon.

Loaded Kings Drinking Card Game

The crowned king rules are easy to read on king Cup cards. This allows you to concentrate on drinking rather than having to track down the rules throughout the game – it allows for fun in your own way. Aside from being 100% waterproof, these cards don’t bother you if you get into some party’s foul during a match with someone else or someone you know. Avaya.

Best for two or more players

Flip cup

Most of the games on this list are probably the most chaotic and messy — but are often the most fun for a drinker. Participants were split in two teams and gathered in a circle on each of the two sides of tables. At the start, the players in either side are required to finish the drink and place it on its side, flip it (with the fingers only) back in the right direction to get the next player started. This is an enjoyable drinking party that is fun for a large party with friends and family.


Quarters are a drinking game where players try to bounce quarters off the table into the shot glasses. If the shot is missed, the game is redirected to the player. Obviously, it would help if you could tell someone if you were drinking. As usual, it continues as usual and feel free to set your own points to claim victory. The ad-lib “let us be sloth” shot glasses are sturdy and add character to the competition too. Thanks to

Best for two players

Battle Shots

The battleships are shot, but there’s a shot. This is not a simpler premise and the idea is ingeniously made. If you’ve never encountered Battleship, it’s a popular 2-person game where opponents take turns guessing their opponents’ “ship” positions, pegs on a grid. It’s possible to transform this kids game into an adult-friendly drinking version. You can choose a bigger platform with spotting glasses acting as the ship or alternatively use a normal battlefieldboard and shoot to one side. A great method of playing is to make a DIY version by putting together several pizza boxes.

Truth or Drink Drinking Card Game

Created by YouTuber Cut Truth or Drink is a drinking game for two whose aim is either to get sucked into a cup or to get extremely drunk. You can take turns picking cards and then writing the questions for the player with whom you are playing. It then becomes the most entertaining and fun drinking game we have seen. Cut’s YouTube Channel is full of funny video footage showing gameplay that must be seen before buying. You’ll have to click the purchase button. List some great gaming apps that can be played on Zoom


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