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Tyler Bernhardt – “I’m Not Yours Anymore”

The haunting “I’m Not Yours Anymore” is a new track from Connecticut-based artist Tyler Bernhardt, from his album Makeshift Troubadour. Acoustical pulses and sporadic piano complement a brooding vocal presence, remarking “you don’t have to tell me lies,” after relaying vague nightly escapades.

The track poignantly captures the feelings of suspicion within a relationship, eventually resulting in a feeling where “you’re just done.” The love is gone and so are you. That’s what this song is about,” Bernhardt says. “I don’t think anyone can accept what you’ve done,” Bernhardt sings during the climatic twist, culminating in hazy backing organs and reflective piano. This section plays with invigorating, expansive qualities following the more solemn initial retellings. “I’m Not Yours Anymore” is an enthralling piece of songwriting from Tyler Bernhardt.

Stream the album, below:

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