Anyone Can Have Perfect Pitch and Amazing Harmonies: Here’s How

Although it isn’t exactly true, there are ways for an average singer to achieve perfect pitch. To anyone who has a sense of perfect pitch, it is more than distracting to hear a vocalist go even a little flat or sharp when singing and that one little deviation can ruin an entire song. For the rest of the piece, you will be listening for other instances where the artist slid a little flat or went a half-tone above where they should be. 

To be honest, it really does take away from the entire piece which could otherwise be a musical masterpiece. If you have found that upon hearing recordings of songs you’ve done there are notes that aren’t quite on pitch, you may be wondering if there’s a way to correct this. The simple answer is yes, but with a little help of course.

Perfecting Pitch in the Digital Age

Until the digital age in which there are products that can alter voices to bring them up or down to being on key, singers used to spend hours with vocal coaches. Today they can find an amazing number of digital auto tune products that bring the singer’s pitch exactly where it should be. Some of the best subscriptions on the market can be found when you shop Antares Auto Tune in which you can choose one or all of their digital vocal perfecting products.

Using Electronics to Train Your Voice

You will often hear singers say they were inspired by, and here they would name a recording star that they wanted to emulate. They, in fact, would spend hours singing along with that particular singer until they got everything right from the inflection of their lyrics to the vibrato of that singer. With today’s digital auto tuning programs, a singer can do the very same thing but without a star to copy. It will, in fact, be their own voice that the program has altered in some ways. It can perfect vibrato, bring notes up or down to being on key and can also arrange harmonies a singer can learn.

The Benefits of Working with Digital Vocal Programs

There are a number of ways in which a digital vocal program can help singers stay on pitch, with the first way being to simply fix the recording of their vocals. The program can bring a note to the exact number of vibrations so that it’s perfectly on key. So then, that’s the first benefit. If you want to record your song, let the digital program ‘fix’ those notes that aren’t quite on key. The second way is mentioned above. You can simply sing along with the ‘fixed’ version of the song you want to perfect and after a while, you should be able to sing on key each and every time. That is, you should be able to do it if you aren’t tone deaf. However, if you were tone deaf, you would probably be trying for another profession.

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. However, if you are looking to produce a master to release on YouTube or for sale, why not leave it to AI and digital vocal programs? Believe it or not, most of today’s performers use these tools, so you can too!


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