Big No No – “Letters”

Credit: Henrik Eksvärd

Ah yes, the musical garage anecdote everyone in the neighborhood gathers to lay their eyes on every Friday night. With dangling outdoor string lights that illuminate upon weathered amplifiers and tattered vans, the four musicians in Big No No — Henrik Eksvärd, Florian Matz, Nikki Nyberg, and Petter Seander — sink their sound into the cobblestones along the Stockholm streets with pure authenticity and passion.

“Letters” evokes feelings of early ’80s nostalgia intertwined with a flavorful atmospheric notion. Between the mesmerizing vocals and sensual electric guitar riffs, a heart-throbbing enticement sinks in. “Letters” plays with a grunge-alternative approach, personally giving me aesthetic chills. The audience can recognize a dash of attitude and a whole lot of love.

The sense of chemistry that illuminates from this group is no coincidence; they have been submerging into creativity mode, while resonating with unworldly sounds, eventually assembling ideal blunt-cruise material. The artists present to you four friends, jamming out and doing what they love… does it get any purer than that? Although bedroom floors will always be the band’s foundation, these multi-talented musicians are sweeping Sweden with liveliness and vibrancy.

With a New Order resemblance, Big No No deliver nothing short of melodic captivation and audible chemistry, building off one another’s individual capabilities, and resulting in a charming yet rugged sound. The tempo is steady and something you can certainly bounce around with, or kiss in a bathroom stall too.

With head scratching, brainstorming, and maybe a sip of Brännvin here and there, the modesty that emerges from the group’s sound is truly astonishing. This latest release is certainly one to make memories with. You can hear the joy in creating this phenomenon, just like the audience will feel the joy in their veins. Be sure to give these home-grown Stockholm fellas a listen.

This track and others featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of July 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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