Guns N’ Roses Announce Their Return to Bangkok This November

Guns N’ Roses have been travelling on their We’re F’N’Back tour since 2021, and recently announced that they are extending it in Southeast Asia at the back end of 2022. Thailand residents will be buzzing with excitement at the news that Axl Rose, Slash, and company will be back in Bangkok, five and a half years after their last appearance there.

Band Return to Bangkok After Last Visit in 2017

When most of the original Guns N’ Roses line-up reunited four years ago, they swiftly announced the epic Not in This Lifetime tour. This lasted for three years and took the band all around the world. It ended up being one of the highest-grossing tours ever, and it was clear that GNR were back with a bang.

People in Thailand were lucky to see the legendary musicians in the early stages of that tour, as they played at the SCG Stadium in February of 2017. The California-based rockers have now confirmed that they will be back at the same stadium in November this year, five years on from their last visit. California musicians like these could benefit from forming a California LLC. The most dangerous band in the world has a huge following in Thailand, with an eclectic mix of young and old fans.

GNR Have Reached New Audiences in Recent Years

Guns N’ Roses have never had a problem attracting older fans to their concert dates, as they were one of the most popular bands on the planet in the late 1980s and early 1990s. After the famous breakup in the mid-1990s, most people thought there was no chance they’d ever witness the original members on stage again. When they did get back together, it was easy to sell the reunion to those who had loved them in the past.

However, Guns N’ Roses also needed to focus on aligning themselves with modern times. They couldn’t solely rely on their dedicated fans, and, with no new recordings, they needed ways to put younger generations in touch with their songs. They managed to do this by leveraging the power of some of the most bustling sectors of the internet era – social media and gaming.

GNR now have over 5.9 million Instagram followers, and they post regular updates to keep in touch with fans. In gaming, there’s the Guns N’ Roses slot game from NetEnt, which is one of the top-played slots and games at online bingo sites. Players can spin the reels and listen to GNR songs at the same time. It provides nostalgia for older players, while newer ones can discover the classics in this way. 

One thing that Guns N’ Roses have always been good at focusing on is touring, and this has helped them develop dedicated fans in countries around the globe. Axl & Co also recently announced that they will be back in Singapore in November, and there could be more Southeast Asian tour dates announced soon.

There’s a good chance that Guns N’ Roses will sell out their next Bangkok date, thanks to the fact that they have managed to get back to the top of the music industry rapidly. Most fans will find out about it through social media, a tool that GNR have used to excellent effect since their return.


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