Iam Nothe – “Babylon Burn”


Darkly invigorating rocker “Babylon Burn” is a new single from Iam Nothe, a project based in Athens, Greece. Iam Nothe represents the solo project of Spyreas Sid, the former frontman of Cyanna Mercury (2014-2017) and Cyanna (1999-2013). The track is the second single released from Iam Nothe’s upcoming debut album, The Grand Design. A diverse range of artists inspired “Babylon Burn,” ranging from Afro-jazz act Batsumi to Anatolian rockers Altin Gün.

Haunting vocal chants begin the procession with intrigue. “No one knows who can save the world,” the artist lets out, followed by a pulsing percussive presence and reflective synth-laden bounce. The “no one knows,” vocal refrain adds momentum to the rise, culminating the “we are all in Babylon,” brooding. Thereafter, the track’s darker alt-rock standing plays with convincing vigor, reminding of Queens of the Stone Age.

Past the two-minute turn, the chanting vocals again assume prominence, this time gearing into a suave vocal pull and expressive guitar lead. The “I got lost in Babylon,” line further compels the blistering finale, embracing intense vocals, shining organs, and rousing rhythms. Past the three-minute turn, the buzzing guitars and resonating organs gear into the ominous vocal tone. Percussive fervency aligns with further vocal-led intensity — “burn baby burn,” — into a satiating finale of vocal frenzy, blistering guitars, and bolstering organs. “Babylon Burn” oozes with a darkly charismatic rock engrossment throughout.

This track and others featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of July 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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