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Win to the music of your favorite artists at online casinos in Canada

Music is an integral part of everyday life for most Canadians. How nice it is to win money on a slot to your favorite Spotify hit. Have you ever wondered if many famous performers are as fans of gambling as you like online gambling in Canada? Next, we’ll remember which stars have had the most winnings at the best online casinos and have even become famous. To play it safe, check out the reputable gambling sites and a selection of proven online casinos.

Virtual gambling entertainment attracts the opportunity to become more prosperous, but it also attracts the characters that have achieved significant success. So quite realized in the creativity of musicians often visit land-based casinos establishments, but because of the practicality of canadian online casinos are more popular. In some cases, the stars are so addicted to lucrative entertainment that they become owners of the gambling business.

Famous musicians who loved gambling for money

One of the most distinguished geniuses, singer, and actor Frank Sinatra was a true fan of gambling entertainment. His talent was highly regarded by music lovers and industry critics alike. It is a well-known fact that Sinatra was often invited to private parties by characters from various walks of life, including crime. Having released more than 150 records and loving a good game of Poker, the musician would appreciate the modern possibilities of the gambling industry.

Playing in casinos with influential people not only underscored Sinatra’s status but also distinguished him as a respectable partner. His skills could only match achievements in the musical Olympus at the card table. As a result, he even decided to buy a land-based establishment for himself, called Cal Neva Lodge & Casino. Sinatra visited it for the first time in 1951, where he was honored to play pin-up model and singer Betty Grable and jazz orchestra leader Harry James at the same table.

In 1960, Frank Sinatra bought a nearby resort and had more than 50 percent of the casino in two years. His partners in the business were Sam Giancana and Paul D’Amato, nicknamed Skinny, known in the Chicago underworld. With the enormous popularity, it was decided to open the establishment to customers year-round, not just in the summer. And to move around undetected, casino guests were invited to use smugglers’ tunnels from the Prohibition era.

The musician’s enormous prestige and profits from card games made the establishment one of the most in-demand among wealthy gambling fans. As a result, a helicopter pad was built on the casino roof to accommodate VIPs. As of 2018, the entire Sinatra-owned hotel complex was offered at auction and purchased for $38 million.

Today, virtual entertainment for money is less attractive to famous performers than land-based casinos. Most stars prefer noisy music parties for recreation and celebrations and online gambling casinos. A practical way to increase their wealth on the colorful slots is in the spirit of the hip-hop performers. Thus, the famous rapper 50 Cent is a fan of sports betting and table games in the best online casinos in Canada. One of his most successful bets was in 2012 when he won $ 500,000.

At the same time, the musician is a regular participant in charity events, where more than once, he donated impressive sums of money from his winnings. Love for video slots, in this case, is not only a desire to spend his fortune but also to combine the hobby with socially valuable affairs.

World stars often dedicate their musical stuff to gambling entertainment. In 2008, singer Lady Gaga dedicated the track Poker Face to her favorite card game of the same name. It caused a furor on the music scene and allowed the singer to stay at the top of the charts for a long time.

Responsible gambling at online casinos in Canada

The possibilities of virtual gambling entertainment are close to the stars of show business. However, Canadian gamers are equally likely to profit from slots and idols. To do this, choose a proven site and register. Newcomers to gambling can arm themselves with a welcome gift that allows them to get funds on their balance or free spins for selected machines. And the convenience of the mobile version of the online casino will bet on slots at any time.

Users must be over 21 years old and read the site’s rules to access the online slot machines. It is essential to bet only on free savings to avoid problems when losing money.


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