Luke Sweeney – “Princess of the Pearl Palace”


Luke Sweeney unveils more of his forthcoming album Rishi (out 11/11) with the track “Princess of the Pearl Palace.” The hypnotic, mellow slice of pop captures the importance of treating children with kindness, patience, and respect. The track follows up last month’s single “Rishi.”

“As I was carrying my 5-year-old child on my shoulders through the hot, humid streets of Jaipur back to our hotel — The Pearl Palace — a joyous melody came washing over me,” Sweeney says. “With this nugget of inspiration, I began to feel the detached, deranged bliss of a child at play. I demo’d the song as soon as we got back in the hotel room, along with two more tunes that eventually made it on the record.”

“The sentiment made way for joy, for dancing, for awe and schucks and celebrating the rare and precious beauty that is a child in her element. Thanks to the Princess, I got to feeling like a kid again.”

A gorgeously gentle push of piano and shimmering ambience forms a timeless opening. Bouncier piano adornments shift seamlessly into a synth-friendly warble, playing engagingly alongside Sweeney’s laid-back retellings. “Princess of the Pearl Palace, all the folks will turn to see,” he sings invitingly during the resonating chorus. “The Princess of the Pearl Palace, dancing like a wave upon the sea.” The track is further excellence from Sweeney, whose forthcoming album Rishi I’m firmly anticipating.

This track and others featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of September 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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