Understanding Mediumship in the Physical

Mediumship is when someone is able to talk to spirits that have passed over. Imagine that you go to a mediumship séance, and you see people talking to souls that come through to the meeting. You might be shocked if you hear the person, or you might be even more shocked if you see them as an image or a ghost.

There are chances that you would feel chills and that you would feel something in your physical being. There can be physical and spiritual manifestations when you are a medium and this is the way that they connect with the spirit world.

Physical Mediumship

When looking into mediumship, you might find people that are able to connect with the spirit world. There are people such as Leslie Flint that are very known and popular mediums that are known for being able to bring actual voices from the dead at mediumship seances. He is known to be able to transmit voices from spirits to the people that are around him.

An Ectoplasm is a liquid or slime that can come through when someone talks to a spirit. Sometimes this happens with psychic mediums because this allows them to be able to see the spirit that no longer has a physical body.

This is similar to taking a picture and being able to hear a voice with the picture, but the ectoplasm is able to come, and it looks like a ball or a mist of something and then there would be a voice. This is a way that spirits are able to communicate with people on earth.

If you think this is amazing, think of the people that don’t believe that this is real. But it is something that has been tested by other mediums and it is something that some people have actually seen.

Having an Encounter

If you have ever had an encounter or you are thinking about going to a medium, you might be excited about this. You have to make sure that you come with an open mind and that you don’t block anything in your spirit man. By doing this, you can be guided to be able to hear the spirits in the world around you.

Imagine if you are sitting there and a spirit begins to talk to you. How will you respond? Or maybe you are someone that sits around your house, and you hear a spirit talking to you. This can mean that you are a medium and that you are able to summons the spirits on your own.

Trances and Mental Mediumship

You have to learn to be true to yourself when you are a medium. This can mean that there are different ways that the spirits will reach out to you.


There are trances that can happen in mediumship. These trances are controlled by the mediumship and the spirit. This is when the spirit can communicate by taking over the mediums body. You might see a medium do this while they are doing a séance, and this is a time where you can speak to the spirit through the other person.


Mediums normally do mental mediumship which is when the medium is given a message and then they interpret it to the client. This happens through the conscious mind and allows the medium to be able to speak to the spirit world. Most of the time the medium has to have one of the clair gifts in order to get the insight.


Physical mediumship is when you can make there be physical evidence that the spirit is around you. This can be the ectoplasm, or it can be some other method that allows the person to see that the spirit is actually there.

The Real Message

The most important thing about mediumship is the message that is given. As you train and practice doing your mediumship, you will see that you can communicate with the spirit world in your own way. Never try to do it like another medium but learn to be open minded to the spirit world and you can communicate with people in the spirit that you want to talk to.


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