Faerie – “k-town”


A gorgeously melodic adventure with hooky pop and psych-rock punches, “k-town” is a standout new single from Faerie. The project of New York native Christine Lam, Faerie impresses thoroughly on this gem of a track, crafted with Los Angeles-based producer Matty Bedrosian (Yummm).

A multitude of highlights are abundant throughout the effort. The “no hard feelings,” bridge plays with a weightless entrancement, followed by the spine-chilling “all the secrets in my mind,” soaring — exuding a bit of Fleetwood Mac in the dreamy yearning and punctuating guitar line.

In the track’s second half, a buzzing psych-rock exterior develops amidst giggling. The switch-up proves seamless, particularly when evolving into the beautiful “what you are now,” sequence; this particular section proves devastating with its replay-inducing engrossment, captivating with its overlapping vocal layers and shimmering synths. “k-town” is an exhilarating success.

Photo Credit: Ciara Nicdao

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