Juli von Lou – “Faith”


Quickly on the rise, Juli von Lou is a majestic and mysterious young artist based in Torup, Sweden. Spending her childhood in the midst of the unruly woods of Sweden, admiring the whispers of the winds as they bristled through the trees, the artist’s resources picked up weathered instruments, and thus her musical career was born.

After a 400-mile migration to Stockholm in pursuit of her artistic abilities, Juli von Lou has incorporated her femininity and talent into this impactful musical output. The track’s instrumentation is intricate yet organized, with a stormy and spacious essence exuding charisma. We know when there is thunder, there is lightning — and this creative balance is echoed incredibly in the track’s atmospheric production, featuring vocals upfront amidst simmer textures.

The indie-pop singer/songwriter debuts her latest single “Faith,” a song about the beauty of the unknown and the inevitable. You can sincerely be evoked by her trust in the universe and the nature that surrounds us. Her misty vocals remind me of the gentle yet fierce abilities of FKA twigs, and the emotive fierceness of Hozier.

Like a wildflower, they do not grow and flourish in soft winds and protected by the surroundings, they thrive in the unforgiving fortunes of the forest — still appearing so gracefully in adding vibrancy and diversity to all forms of land. This artist reminds me much of a wildflower, and I am truly eager to see her continue ascending through this audible dreamscape.

This track and others featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of October 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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