Howe – ‘Courtesy of Insomnia’ EP


Courtesy of Insomnia unveils an intriguingly atmospheric vein of pop from Sacramento-based artist Howe. We heard a preview of the EP earlier this year with the superb track “Wash Rinse Repeat,” and Howe continues showcasing their magnetic and artistic pop sound throughout the EP.

Following the opening delights of “Wash Rinse Repeat,” Courtesy of Insomnia shifts into a playfully enamoring invitation. The hushed vocals and xylophone twinkles of “Angel Dressed In Pink” craft a ghostly yet playful production that excels in its charming results. The seven EP cuts each tout their own personalities, enduring in their own distinctive ways. “S L E E P” rides on a plucky guitar and dreamy vocal refrain, while “Shadow Puppets” emits an eerie synth-pop feeling fit for the autumnal months.

Courtesy of Insomnia is a showcase of Howe’s atmospheric, inventive pop songwriting and production, from the playful pop of “Angel Dressed In Pink” to the morbidly consuming title track, echoing feelings of death with a hospital-like ambience alongside lonesome guitars and lines like “I’m half alive, and I’m half dead.”

Stream the EP:

“Angel Dressed In Pink” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of November 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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