Das Kope – “Pacific Coast Highway”


“Pacific Coast Highway” is an entrancing dream-pop showing from Das Kope, a Brazilian-born and LA-based psych-pop producer and visual artist. First catching our ears in 2019 with the track “Kids in the Sky,” Das Kope impress with “Pacific Coast Highway,” which furthers the project’s irresistible melodic pull and full-on dream-pop embrace.

Balmy guitar jangles and playful synth warbles lead into a lush vocal. A buzzing, warm synth resonance sends chills during the soaring chorus, exuding a psychedelic engrossment into the quaint guitar jangles and synth pulsations after the two-minute turn. The easily engaging “Pacific Coast Highway” is a bewitching dream-pop success.

The artist elaborates on the track’s inspirations:

“I always go for drives on the PCH. And from the amazing views of the Pacific and the mountains, I often find myself in deep thoughts about my life. The PCH somehow seems to have this magical touch in the back of my mind. Like a voice that says ‘it’s ok not to know the answers, it’s ok just to keep driving’ and that’s the feeling I tried to bring to the song. I also thought that these ideas of traveling and self reflection, seemed relevant for the end/beginning of the year, that’s why I’m releasing it now.”

Take a ride through nostalgic streets with the track’s music video, below:

“I wanted to make a colorful animated video of a drive from Northern California back to Los Angeles. Driving, day-dreaming and the PCH,” Das Kope says of the video.

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The track is also featured in the genre-based, best-of Spotify compilation Emerging Dream Pop.

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