Ghost Idols – ‘No Shade Under A Dying Sun’


Los Angeles-based rock trio Ghost Idols invigorate with a heavy, emotive sound throughout their new album, No Shade Under A Dying Sun. Commanding guitar tones and bustling rhythms captivate, as do lusher reprieves that showcase the act’s knack for structural versatility.

Opener “Friends Like These” wastes no time in showcasing the band’s embrace of thunderous percussion and moody guitar distortion. The hard-rocking exterior consumes into the confident vocal lead, lamenting shakedowns and ghost towns with feverish yearning. The climactic vocals and driving guitars excel further in the final minute, exhilarating with escalating layers.

In the more contemplative spectrum, “Absent of Feeling” rides on eerie guitar twangs and gradual vocals. There’s a growing sense of momentum in the first minute, satiating upon the added vigor prior to the two-minute turn. The track’s contrasts between spacious brooding and more rock-laden bustle, particularly punctuated by the bass-driven prominence at the mid-point, make for a continuously compelling result.

From heavy distortion-friendly jams like “Last to Fall Asleep” to contemplative atmospherics like “Absent of Feeling,” No Shade Under A Dying Sun shows as a consuming hard-rocking release with dynamic tonal shifts and gripping songwriting.

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“Absent of Feeling” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of December 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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