River Westin – ‘The Honeymoon Suite’


The new album from River Westin, The Honeymoon Suite compels with its nostalgic pop sound. The Upstate New York-based artist channels his captivating croon with a sophisticated, lounge-friendly quality — resonating amidst flourishing arrangements that range from bouncy key-laden ’60s charm to orchestral-laden chamber-pop.

Highlights are numerous throughout the release. A particular standout is the gorgeous “St. Tropez,” evolving with a contemplative lushness. Luxurious strings emerge amidst a heart-tugging vocal performance, begging to “let me feel your love.” A ravishing production throughout, “St. Tropez” exemplifies Westin’s more understated devastation, full of yearning amidst a delicate assortment of strings and keys.

The Honeymoon Suite enamors with adorative sentimental qualities, particularly on efforts like “Sweetheart.” A tender guitar and warming vocals make for a candle-lit type of feeling, exuding a sense of comfort in its adoring qualities. In the perkier spectrum, the opening “Daydreaming” stuns with its beautiful strings and ’60s pop keys; the track’s cinematic qualities are fully apparent and appreciated, setting this stellar album in motion with exceptional grace.

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“St. Tropez” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of November 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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