Emelia Austin – “Shifting Weather”


Impressing last year with the evolving single “Desire to Reveal,” Los Angeles-based artist Emelia Austin continues to tout strong songwriting — ranging from singer/songwriter intimacy to fuzzy anthemic rock — throughout the new album From Another Sky.

Album standout “Shifting Weather” grows from steady guitar pulses and dreamy vocals into an invigorating, finale. The fuzzy guitar distortion approaching the four-minute turn envelops with a passionate vigor, with the vocals easing in cohesively throughout the track’s textured, dreamy conclusion. “Shifting Weather” is wholly representative of Austin’s compelling songwriting.

“It capsulated me into writing what would be the rest of the body of work,” Austin says of the track. “‘Shifting Weather’ gave me the confidence to know I could write songs about nuanced feelings and reimagined futures. And it’s personally my favorite song off of the record.”

“What this song gave to me, is what this song is about. It asks the question what would the world look like if you fully loved yourself without fear? And in loving yourself you were patient with the parts you don’t like. We only live in this body one time. What would it look like if we let go of everything holding us back?”

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