Red Bird Rising – “My Revolution” (ft. Taras Kuznetsov)


A resonating anti-war track featuring Ukrainian husband-wife duo Taras Kuznetsov and Ana Pshokina on lead vocals and bass, respectively, “My Revolution” is a recent track from Red Bird Rising, the project of songwriter and producer Diedrich Donald Weiss. His unwavering faith in the power of music compelled writing “My Revolution” as a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He asked the inner question “what can I do?” as an artist, and this powerful track arose.

“Because Taras is the subject of “My Revolution” and the lead vocalist, I wrote the lyrics as if I were him, using factual information of what he is contending with in this early stage of the invasion,” Weiss says. “The chorus which sings, “my revolution begins in my world within” is anthemic and specifically an answer to the question, “what can I do?”. The external world is much beyond his control. But Taras’ inner world is where he can find stability and strength to contend and keep moving forward in his life and as person.”

Sounds of chaos within a crowd evolve into moody guitars and atmospheric piano, with the morose vocals conveying a common urge to get out. Visions of war, being given a firearm and strategizing against the enemy, drives into the resonating “my revolution begins,” chorus. Strings assume greater prominence as the second minute approaches, with a rousing rock feeling concocted via the escalated guitars, impassioned vocals, and strings. The “revolution begins,” refrain re-emerges here, further emphasizing the track’s power and ceaseless poignancy into the lusher bridge thereafter — “if it wasn’t for you,” showing a sense of love-driven tranquility in the midst of tumult.

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of February 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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  1. Excellent writing Mike! Thank you! You absolutely caught the spirit and musical intent in word. Wow, top notch. Taras & Ana were thrilled.

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