Sam Wrangle – “Dress to Impress”


“Dress to Impress” is a single released today from Brisbane-based artist Sam Wrangle, via his newly released album Smokey Shady. The track’s haunting initial synth tones drive into jangly guitars and forlorn vocals. The introspective lyrics compel into the blissful guitars, with crisp guitar jangles and a more soaring vocal affection intertwine for spine-chilling results.

“‘Dress to Impress’ is quite literal,” Sam says. “It’s a commentary on a narcissist’s want to please people and to present a good image—whether it’s on a first date or during the daily grind at work.”

Sam notes that the track also reflects on body image and self-esteem. “The line ‘When I look in the mirror I think I look good, but rarely ever great’ implies that I do think I look good, but not good enough for someone else. The latter idea crops up in the line before the second chorus: ‘perpetually out of your league.’”

Regarding the album, Sam says: ““I called it ‘Smokey Shady’ for two reasons: as an allusion to pot smoke (or being around smoke all the time), and as a general feeling of being in the shade or out of harm’s way. In the same way that one would shelter from harsh sunlight, shade is a kind of metaphorical safe space.”

Stream the album:

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