Bambii Lamb – “Own Damn Feelings”


“Own Damn Feelings” is the latest pop success from Bambii Lamb, the Gainesville-based artist who has impressed previously with the tracks “Sunsets” and “Haunted.” Lamb’s latest reveals a satiating, evolving sound that grows from intimate ukulele-led introspection into a glowing synth-forward savvy. Glistening synths exude a spacey, hypnotic allure amidst the higher-pitched “feeling,” vocal repetition. The lusher, contemplative “wasting my time,” verses strut a compelling intimacy and moroseness, distinguishing firmly from the more synth-laden dream-pop glistening in the hook.

“You like wasting my time, just idling by,” Lamb lets out following the first chorus, regaining the intro’s initial lushness. The track’s gradual rises and soft reprisals make for a climactic, atmospheric pop treat throughout. “Own Damn Feelings” represents another melodic success from Bambii Lamb.

Lamb elaborates on the new single:

“My new song “Own Damn Feelings” isn’t one you’d hear in any club. The song’s spiraling, haunting melody sets the stage for the story of an anxious, overthinking romance. The acoustic ukulele perfectly complements the emotional lyrics, and calls back to the my musical origin in ukulele covers. This, paired with the electronic tones of my new style, perfectly marry the shift in genres and in tone from my previous work.”

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This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of March 2023’ Spotify playlist.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup. The submitter accepted our content-based offer, which included financial compensation for our time writing, editing, and publishing this article.

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