Lord Sonny The Unifier – ‘America’s Newest Hitmaker’


America’s Newest Hitmaker is a rousing new album from Lord Sonny The Unifier, the project of Brooklyn-based artist Greg Jiritano. “This was an album I imagined Bowie would have made right after Scary Monsters if he didn’t go the Nile Rogers route and grabbed Iggy Pop instead, cranked the guitars and picked out of his closet some of his old synthesizers,” Jiritano says.

“Don’t Fall Apart” rouses in its anthemic, hooky approach. A theatrical production is propelled by nostalgic electric guitar bursts and grandiose string-laden injections, alongside spacey synth textures. The ’80s alt-pop presence is furthered by the moody vocal composure, with the initially understated yet cautionary lead bolstered excellently by the soulful backing vocal touch. The “fall apart,” vocal enthusiasm follows and consumes in its contrasting vigor. “Don’t Fall Apart” is nicely exemplary of Lord Sonny The Unifier’s strong pop songwriting chops, within an interesting retro-minded soundscape.

In addition to highlights like “Don’t Fall Apart” and the previously featured “We’re Electric,” America’s Newest Hitmaker features a range of succeeding styles. “Light Your Flare” plays like a spacey, impassioned rock ballad — with the “everybody light it up,” vocal energy proving charismatic amidst organ-laden, caressing verses.

On the topic of well-utilized organs, the energized “What You Gonna Bring” excels in its grimy guitar busts and organ flashes. The no-frills charm of “Black Eye Blues” also enamors with its sweltering guitar-forward focus rounding the one-minute turn. America’s Newest Hitmaker is abundant with lively, engaging songwriting.

“Don’t Fall Apart” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of March 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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