The Hello Stranger – “Night Falls Again…”


A standout track from Brooklyn-based artist The Hello Stranger, “Night Falls Again…” presents a captivating psych-rock sound. The production traverses from a quaint assortment of hazy keys into rousing guitar-fronted ardency. Feeling like a trip through various decades of theatrical-minded rock, from the spacey glam of Bowie to hooky revivalism in the vein of Foxygen, “Night Falls Again…” is a rousing listen throughout.

“So when the night falls again,” the artist sings with mellow enticement, showing a Rundgren-esque charm in the escalation to wordless vocal harmonies past the three-minute turn. Suave guitar twangs and playful keys follow, with a quivering vocal resonance aligning with moody key twinkling to conclude this memorable effort. “Night Falls Again…” strongly compels with its stylish psychedelic rock allure, dynamic and infectious, serving as one of many standouts on The Hello Stranger’s recent album, From a Starlit Room.

The Hello Stranger speaks further about the track:

“This is one of my favorites on the album. It was inspired through pure improvisation on one evening. The shape of the melody and chord changes came through and some hints of the lyrics began forming. I wanted the song to cycle through whimsical variations of melody and arrangement – like impressionist classic rock.”

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