Miracle on Film – ‘Twisting the Knife’ EP


The memorable Twisting the Knife EP comes courtesy of Miracle on Film, the project of Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist and producer Alex Pace. Themes of isolation and anxiety compel amidst a production with hooky infusions of psych-rock, funk, and electro-pop.

Nicely exemplary of the project’s stellar songwriting, the opening “Universal Sign” plays with gradual expansion, from the perky guitar expressions into the serene synth shimmering. “Do what you want to do, the moment will come for you,” the vocals let out during the spacious chorus, with the psych-friendly jangle re-emerging alongside a frolicking charm.

Following, “Panic Space” plays with suave enticement, as smooth guitars, a funky bass line, and effervescent synth reflections converge with melodic pull. The “stuck in your panic space,” chorus enamors in both its synth-laden hookiness and thematic addressing of anxiety’s encumbrance.

Buzzing guitars and steady percussion channel a more rock-forward energy on “I Ran Away,” with its bass-fronted verses and “I don’t need another master,” rise excelling with concisely effective infectiousness. The EP’s title track closes things out with satiating appeal, exuding a laid-back glow propelled by organs and island-set guitars. The soaring vocal — “if you keep on twisting the knife,” — fully engrosses. These four tracks strut a melodic, clean production with considerable pull.

These and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of May 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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