International Furlough – “Down on the Pharm”


A hard-rocking mystique is apparent throughout “Down on the Pharm,” a new single from Denver-based solo project International Furlough. Showing an industrial metal-inclined sound, the track balances heavy guitar pulses with a stream-of-conscious vocal feeling, reflecting a more reserved composure compared to the ardent guitar expressions. The project of multi-instrumentalist and lyricist Ian Luddy, International Furlough emits a surefire appeal to those fond of creative hard-rocking vigor.

Releasing alongside fellow single “Blind in One Eye” on March 25th, “Down on the Pharm” wastes no time with its hard rock intensity. The heavy guitar pulses and reflective bass warbles complement lyrics that reflect an insatiable sort of hunger, even in the context of “crippling dependence and strong discontentment.” Halted guitar blasts, like at 01:35, add further to the climactic appeal. “Down on the Pharm” intrigues with its meshing of heavy-rock guitar textures with a nonchalant vocal tonal feeling.

Luddy elaborates on the two singles:

“Blind in one Eye and Down on the Pharm speak for themselves in terms of subject matter. Lyrics were inspired by a crippling dependence and strong discontentment. With the instrumental sections matching the heaviness of the lyrical themes, the end result is an engulfment in down tuned distortion, thick bass lines, and heavy drum beats that mirror the heaviness of the lyrics they support.”

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of June 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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