The impact of sound and music in online casino games

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Music is integral to everyday life – it’s everywhere we go. But, what impact does it have on something like online casino games? And how? Turn the volume up and let’s dive in. 

Music makes gameplay more immersive 

As online casino games have continued to innovate and develop, many different themes have emerged to make traditional gameplay more engaging. Though the mechanics are largely the same, the use of visuals, color theory, and graphic design are used to bring these themes to life. However, these games would not be as immersive or believable without also tailoring sound effects and music to bring in the human sense of sound.

Let’s take a look at an example – when players in the UK play live blackjack at an online casino, they have the option to choose from several different live blackjack rooms. Each of these rooms has a different theme. Though the rules are comparable in these games – with a few unique twists here and there – what really sets these games apart from one another is the setting. From the classic casino backdrop, to the whimsical graphics of speed blackjack, and the mystical space-inspired quantum zone, each visual setting is elevated by the use of music.

By tailoring the sound effects and background music to fit the theme of the gameplay, these games draw players into the setting, making them more engaging and immersive. With this in mind, let’s dig a little deeper into how the choice of music can impact gameplay. 

Tempo, melody, and harmony

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Tempo of music has long since been established to have a psychological and physiological effect on the body, especially when it comes to things like running or hitting the gym. In fact, research on the effects of music on exercise spans back to 1911, and possibly even further. Such research largely agrees that, in the context of exercise, tempo has the ability to affect performance, endurance, and speed. This is due to something known as the ‘rhythm response’. 

Put simply, the rhythm response is the innate need for us humans to synchronize our movements to the music that we hear. This is why, when you hear a great song, you inevitably want to nod your head, tap your feet, or get up and have a good old dance! In addition, runners will often choose a song with 160 bpm so that their pace mimics the beats of the track. 

Similarly, in the context of online casino games, the tempo of the music has the ability to evoke certain responses, feeding into the immersiveness of the gameplay. For example, a song with a fast tempo that mirrors the fast-paced nature of the blackjack game can enhance how fast the player perceives the game to be. 

But, tempo isn’t the only thing that affects perception – so too can melody and harmony. At its most basic, cadences can be consonant or dissonant – in other words, they sound ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. A fulfilled harmony inevitably elicits a positive response, whereas dissonance can make us feel uncomfortable, evoking images of the mystical unknown. Put the two together, and a pulsing bass and dissonant orchestral harmonies can mimic something like an intergalactic realm! 

So, whether it’s using a soundtrack with a faster tempo to mirror the faster pace of the game, or dissonance to transport players to space, the music and sound effects are what encapsulate the setting and bring the game to life.


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