Being Dead – “Holy Team” + “When Horses Would Run”


When Horses Would Run is the riveting new album from Austin-based band Being Dead. A charismatic, psych-friendly sound spans from the heavy guitar distortion within “Come On” to the lushly soaring folk-pop of “Daydream.” Recorded at Radio Milk with producer/engineer Jim Vollentine, the album features gorgeous vocal harmonizing, varied guitar-led dynamics, and a knack for hook-revealing intrigue.

Among its numerous highlights, “Holy Team” features striking tonal dynamics, from the peppy vibrancy of the initial title-touting fervency to the subdued, hypnotic lethargy of the haunting conclusion. Clanging acoustics and processional vocals grip from the get-go, and enamor further upon the dreamy vocal lead’s embrace. “When Horses Would Run” stands out as well, building from key-laden stabs and raw vocal expressions into rock pulses and a spacey wavering in the second half. A melodic, fully enveloping vocal-led power takes hold in the final minute.

Stream these album tracks and beyond, below:

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