Mic Nickels – “El Matador” (feat. Method Man)


“El Matador” is a heady hip-hop success from industry veterans Mic Nickels and Method Man. The NYC-based Mic Nickels has over 25 years in hip-hop to draw from, and bolsters his captivating and stylish sound with the addition of Wu-Tang legend Method Man. The original collaborator was intended to be the late MF Doom.

“This track was originally slated to feature MF DOOM. He agreed before he passed but never completed it. Eventually we filled the slot great Method Man, which was incredible,” Mic Nickels explains.

“The idea behind the track was to discuss how one deals with their opponents, almost how a matador plays with their aggressor. The premise came to me after reaching The Sun Also Rises, by Hemingway. I wrote and recorded it before anyone emcee listened, so it doesn’t cater towards Meth or anyone else’s style. Just pure poetry.”

Also boasting a handful of stellar remixes from Brandon “Bizzy” Hollemon, OP Supa, and Sponatola, “El Matador” features a hard-hitting original cut with captivating production from Mr. Cord. The “ashes to ashes,” sequence enamors with its cinematic, Morricone-esque brass tones and cohesive build into a precise vocal flow. In between, Mic and Method unveil faultless deliveries amidst a bass-heavy, hypnotic backing. “El Matador” is a thoroughly impressive hip-hop success from these two OGs.

Stream the track’s animated music video:

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