Chris Ianuzzi – “Distant Suns” + “Wild Side”


The new double-single from NYC composer Chris Ianuzzi engrosses with its unpredictable fusing of electronica and post-punk, weaving spacey synth-laden immersion with impassioned vocal segments and intriguing structural twists. Impressing earlier this summer with the track “Edge of the Earth,” Ianuzzi continues his steady stream of creativity with the tracks “Distant Suns” and “Wild Side.”

“Distant Suns” quickly traverses from bubbly textural experimentation into a melodic, spritzy array of bouncy synths; it’s a fun microcosm representation of Ianuzzi’s knack for shifting tonal direction, managing a cohesive engagement. The “never asking, never changing,” sequence assumes a more debonair vocal lead amidst synths leaning in a nocturnal direction, recalling The Fall’s more electronic-minded efforts, like The Marshall Suit. The array of bright synth bounces and dark, spacey intrigue makes for a constantly riveting production throughout.

Also consuming, “Wild Side” introduces a haunting, ghostly composure to start. Rhythmic whispers and brooding synth tones embrace a more dimly-lit post-punk enamoring, exuding a creepy, industrial soundscape as the trickling bass builds feverishly into distorted vocals. Ianuzzi has proven to be a master of constructing creative soundscapes; “Distant Suns” and “Wild Side” further showcase that very evident ability.

These and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of September 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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