10 Legendary Bands to Listen to When High

Cannabis and music- are two sides of a coin that just go together perfectly. If there’s anything that could influence things around you without much effect, it is surely music. When the same experience is clubbed with music, it will take you to a different world altogether. 

Imagine you’ve consumed budpop delta 9 gummies or smoked some cannabis and gotten high. Now, when you want to enhance the impact, your prime aim should be to get the perfect music. Whether you want calming music or an upbeat, energetic tune, everything can get you energized throughout the sessions. 

Best Bands to Listen When You’re High

When you’re high, you should know that the perfect thing that suits everything has to be bands. The best part is that you can get from a wide range of choices, from hip-hop to trance to metal and so much more. 

Finding the perfect band to listen to after getting high may sound like an arduous task, especially when you have to find them. But let’s make things easier for you and help you get the perfect bands to listen to, especially when you’re high. 

Here are the top 10 bands you can’t miss out on listening to when you’re high. 

  • Massive Attack

Known mostly for their 90s anthem, Unfinished Symphony, Massive Attack is one of those bands that sends shivers down people even to this day. No matter which song of theirs you listen to, you’ll always be taken by surprise. Moreover, their guitar and drum play is a melody to the ears when you’re high. All you need to do is create the ambiance in a dimly lit room, and you’re sure to have the experience of a lifetime. 

  • Tame Impala

If you’re looking forward to a psychedelic rock band that brings a combination of Pink Floyd and John Lennon, Tame Impala is one of the best ones. This band has produced a lot of songs, especially the ones that will become your favorite when you’re high. The songs by Tame Impala will allow you to reflect on your journey, while others will also allow you to look into what your future will look like. 

  • Shpongle

The songs by Shpongle will provide you with the perfect ‘feel-good’ feeling once you’ve had a good smoke. The group contributed a lot to the Psybient movement, combining psychedelic and ambient elements into one. Their electronic music is surely one of the best ones to listen to if you want to feel energetic after getting high. Shpongle suggests that they want to create music with a purpose. 

  • The Flaming Lips

Do you want to listen to a psychedelic band that will calm down your nerves? The Flaming Lips will suit the purpose accurately. They’ve been relevant since the 80s and tend to be popular with their songs even in today’s time. The hypnotic acoustic guitar beats will pave the way for some self reflection. Their songs will definitely help you have a positive outlook towards life. 

  • Cypress Hill

When you want to shift a little towards the hip-hop genre, you should listen to Cypress Hill. They are undoubtedly one of the best hip-hop artists for stoners. Their relevance since the 90s have caught up with the Gen-Z audience too. If you follow the songs that they released in the 90s, you’d be surprised to know how many of their songs are related to weed. 

  • Pink Floyd

When you’re talking about one of the best bands to listen to when you’re high, you can never go wrong with Pink Floyd. They are often hailed to be the ultimate stoner band. Their songs aren’t only mellow but also very psychedelic. Moreover, the visuals that they create for the songs also reflect the mood. Pink Floyd’s songs often appear like they’ve been created for the mood of being high. There’s no doubt that their legacy is here and will continue in the coming years too.

  • Glass Animals

One of the best psychedelic alternative rock bands known for pushing their boundaries is none other than Glass Animals. They are quite popular for producing a wide range of unique songs that, when put together, can get you in the mood. Most of their songs appear to take you on a self-reflective journey that you may want to listen to continuously on repeat, especially when you’re high. 

  • The Beatles

You wouldn’t expect to find The Beatles on this list, and yet they’re here. Some of their classic hits are just melody to the ears especially with its psychedelic effects that may feel like it will put you in a trance. They’ve collaborated with some of the legendary musicians to create songs that will put you in a deep slumber. Needless to say, most of their songs feel like a musical kaleidoscope that will take you on a very beautiful journey. 

  • The Prodigy

The Prodigy is one of those bands that are very famous for their songs from the mid-90s. They started their journey as one of the biggest underground musicians from the UK and soon became a hit scene in rave parties. They are very different from the mainstream musicians and a total game changer in the festival scenes. Their live sets are worth listening to.

  • Alice in Chains

Their name may sound a little weird, but their music will surely be one of the best tunes you’ll ever hear after getting high. Most of their rock music will hit you right when you’ve smoked cannabis, especially the Indica strains. The tranquillity of the music that they produce will get you through some of the darkest times of your lives. 

Cannabis and Music

Cannabis and music appear to be a match made in heaven. The music affects the auditory and sensory processing regions, especially after you’ve smoked up. It enhances your perception, making it feel as if the music is profound and totally out of the world. In either scenario, it can cause an increase in dopamine, thereby making things more fun and enjoyable. 

Final Thoughts

If you smoke using good thc carts and listen to music, you’re in for a treat. And, if you’ve never tried it, this may be the time that you do so soon. Haven’t you tried yet? Hey, grab your headphones now, take a few puffs and listen to any of the songs by the bands mentioned above. There’s no lie, but you will feel as if you’re transferred to a new and different dimension. 


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