Linuss – “Lost”


Los Angeles-based artist Linuss continues a fruitful 2023 with another hooky delight in “Lost,” whose traversal from contemplative dream-pop to perky electro-pop grooving further emphasizes the project’s melodic versatility. Impressing in recent months with tracks like “Crazy Eyes” and “Let’s Go Swimming,” “Lost” enamors in both its initial spacey synth-laden traversals and rhythmically inclined central hook — “it’s alright if you wanna get lost,” the vocals let out, exuding a delectable escapism alongside the synth and guitar infusions.

Linus, aka songwriter/producer Michael Glines, elaborates in detail on the track:

“Sonically this track turned out to use a lot of the elements I love most about lo-fi and psychedelic music. Dreamy soundscapes, retro / nostalgic vibes and instrumentation, long droning delays. Imagine the sonic palettes of artists like Mac Demarco and Tame Impala. But the heavy emphasis on the drums and the groove are what set this track apart from anything I’ve done before.

The verse melody came to me all at once as I was out running errands later that day. When I got home, I recorded it immediately, but didn’t understand yet why it felt so urgent to lay it down. As it turned out, every phrase in that melody ends on a very tense note, inviting the next moment but never giving it, and that’s what lead to the lyrics.

That heightened tension at the end of every phrase gave me the feeling you get when you meet someone new. There’s this magic moment of danger and trust, like you’re about to dive down a rabbit hole and get completely lost together, and for all you know it could lead to pure bliss or total disaster. It’s like that moment in Alice in Wonderland where she follows the white rabbit and unexpectedly stumbles into this super surreal and chaotic, dream-like space. And to me that’s what it is to fall in love, not just romantically but with everyone you meet. You have no control over anything but yourself, and no choice but to trust the other person in a world where nothing makes sense.”

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of December 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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