Am Was – “Someone in My Head” + “Wash Away”


Polyesterday is a stellar rock album from Am Was, spanning from the serenely psychedelic beauty of “Someone in My Head” to the more experimental, grunge-tinged rock of “Wash Away.” Both tracks are enjoyably representative of the project’s dynamic aesthetical chops.

“Someone in My Head” stirs with its Pink Floyd influence and thematic focus on understanding death firsthand. “I’d love to stay and chat, but someone’s in my head,” the vocals admit, referencing that creeping feeling alongside chirpy guitar work, reminiscent of ELO. The shift to more spacious psych-forward territory is gorgeously implemented, preceded by the enticing “come with me, baby,” refrain. The cathartic culmination stretches its legs — “we’re flying away,” the vocals emit, immersing with a fluttering psych-pop serenity.

The equally compelling “Wash Away” directs a hazier rock intrigue, propelled initially by nighttime keys and clamoring percussion. Subdued, vocoded vocals and grounding synth-bass traverse into a frequency-altering “merry go-round,” hook — wholly embracing a darker, spacey psychedelic direction as guitar distortion takes hold in the second half. Polyesterday is abundant in the type of quality psychedelic songwriting apparent on these two memorable tracks.

Stream the entirety of Polyesterday below:

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