Ginko Bugs – “Close In October”


Swedish act Ginko Bugs‘ strong songwriting is on display with “Close In October.” An outpouring of relatable emotion swells within an effervescent power-pop and rock intertwining, alongside feelings depicting a hope for a love’s return, while the other partner wishes to move on.

Initial lyrics point to a new beginning of sorts — “when she leaves it’s probably over,” — and an ensuing yearning. The hopeful “we can stay as one,” line kickstarts a chipper guitar-fronted radiance, with string-laden injections furthering a majestic rock and chamber-pop fusing. The “feelings grow much stronger,” lyrically, while the acoustic-forward verses traverse seamlessly into the shimmering emotion of the chorus. “Close In October” is a memorable success from Ginko Bugs.

Ginko Bugs elaborate on the track:

The song describes the feeling when you haven’t quite come to terms with the fact that your partner wants to move on and when you still think that if she just hang around for a while, the love will return….but at the same time you start to think about all the possibilities out there, it’s kind of a relief….”we can stay as one – two or free as we were, for somebody else that’s out there”.

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