MooseTooth – ‘Live Vol. 1’ EP

The live setting charisma and creativity of MooseTooth is on enjoyable display on their new EP, Live Vol. 1, recorded on St. Patrick’s Day 2023 at The Mousetrap in the band’s native Indianapolis. Their debut album It All Tastes The Same enthralled us in 2022 with its spanning from lush folk to dexterous jazz and soaring rock, and the band’s eclectic engrossment persists on this exciting live performance EP.

“Things I Need” kicks off the exciting set with climactic fervency. Frolicking acoustics lend a psych-folk feeling initially, traversing quickly into a soaring rock inducement with twangy southern-rock guitar sensations. An upfront vocal passion admits “I’d do anything for you,” alongside smitten sentiments, as psych-rock guitars and brassy segments intertwine beautifully. The energy is palpable to open the EP.

The fun persists in consistent form thereafter, followed by the ardent prog-rock dexterity of “The Waltz Bit” and the brass-fronted suaveness within “Monster.” The rousing finale “The Blarney Stone” rouses in its encouragement of a sing-along, as sporadic rhythms and guitars traverse into a sea-shanty sort of vocal tonal enthusiasm; it’s a great send-off for a St. Patrick’s Day show, especially. MooseTooth have a uniquely powerful live presence with their varied rock sound, and the Live Vol. 1 EP captures that sense of excitement in quality form.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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